Chanel No 5 'journey' by in-house

Brad Pitt stars in a new spot for Chanel No 5.

The ad, part of a $10 million campaign, was shot by Atonement director, Joe Wright. It has been called "hammy" and nonsensical by the national press.

Pitt, who was paid $7 million to appear in the spot, said: "What’s important to remember about Chanel No 5 is how revolutionary this fragrance is. When it was introduced, it broke all the rules by discarding meaningless ornamentation for an honest and open aesthetic, and a scent which embodies liberation from trend, creating a fragrance which remains as modern today as it was during its inception. Chanel No 5 has always been the most iconic women’s fragrance.

"The beauty of its success for all these years is both elegantly simple and complex at the same time. That’s what I see being the appeal of this campaign; it goes beyond the abstract of emotion or beauty to evoke what is timeless, a woman’s spirit."