A change of approach and a fresh start for Marketing
A view from Claire Beale

A change of approach and a fresh start for Marketing

This should feel momentous: the last-ever weekly printed Marketing. From now on, we're starting work on a new monthly magazine that will be more informative, more provocative and more beautiful.

Since I've occupied the editor's seat for only a few months - and was brought in with a clear brief to take the magazine monthly, rebuild our website and develop a portfolio of app titles, starting with a monthly tablet magazine - I've been itching to move on to the new Marketing. The passing of the weekly couldn't come soon enough.

Yet my first magazine job was on Marketing, 20 years ago. Back then, it was a hefty A3 size, with a photographic cover and an earnest approach. It never matched the glamour of its sister magazine, Campaign, but felt more important, somehow: its weekly voice punctuated the publishing silence like cannonfire.

Over the past two decades, a lot has changed for Marketing and for marketers (thank goodness, otherwise landing back here 20 years after my arrival would have been a thoroughly depressing prospect).

Digital, of course, has been the biggest shift: a whole new way of enlivening and distributing content, and doing so more cheaply - but not always with the same impact and durability enjoyed in a print-only world. So, while we are very firmly a digital-first publisher, I nearly swooned the other day when a major commercial partner told me his main interest lay in what we could do for him in print.

But perhaps the most exciting thing about all our changes is the chance to take a new perspective on our readers: what marketing is now (pretty much everything, isn't it?) and why marketers have never been more pivotal. We're aiming to better position ourselves at the crux of a group of people and companies who are using new marketing techniques and technologies to drive change and success. If that's you, stay tuned.

In the meantime, Marketingmagazine.co.uk is the place to get your daily Marketing fix. Sign up for our mobile-friendly bulletins and follow us on Twitter for alerts and updates. And we'll see you on tablets and in print again at the end of April.

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Claire Beale

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