Channel 4 "100 years and counting" by 4Creative

To mark 100 years since women got the vote in the UK, Channel 4 asked three 100-year-old women to introduce programmes and explain what has changed in their lifetimes.

Millie, Beattie and Margaret were all born in 1918, the year when the Representation of the People Act gave some women over 30 and men older than 21 the right to vote. 4Creative, the broadcaster’s in-house agency, also made a film celebrating women’s progress over the past century, with a voiceover listing things women couldn’t do 100 years ago. It ends with a call to action for more progress to be made. The work was created by Francesca Van Haverbeke and Anne-Grit Maier. Alex Boutell directed "100 years and counting" and Barry Dyer directed the continuity films. 


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