Channel 4 ratings boosted by Jackson documentary

LONDON - Channel 4 scored 3.3m viewers last night for a Michael Jackson documentary but BBC One's 'Torchwood' topped the weekend's ratings with 5.8m, according to unofficial overnight figures.

'Torchwood' concluded on Friday night with a sizeable 26.6% share of viewing. It dominated the 9pm-10pm slot every night last week, scoring as high as 6.2m viewers and making a recommission highly likely.

On Sunday night BBC One was outperformed in the same slot by Channel 4's 'Michael Jackson's Last Days: What Really Happened' and ITV1's Stephen Fry drama 'Kingdom'.

The Jackson documentary earned C4 a higher than usual 13.9% share of viewing and 3.3m viewers. Another 369,000 watched it on Channel 4+1.

'Kingdom' led the ratings with 4.8m viewers and a 20.7% share, while BBC One came third with 2.9m viewers and a 12.3% share for historical hospital drama spin-off 'Casualty 1909'.

BBC Two was close behind with 2.7m viewers and an 11.9% share for the third of five-part documentary 'On Thin Ice', which follows adventurers Ben Fogle and James Cracknell's recent attempt to beat a Norwegian team to the South Pole.

Five movie 'Romeo Must Die' earned the channel 1m viewers across its 9pm-11.15pm slot, giving it a share of 5.8%.