Channel 4 "The gift" by 4Creative

Channel 4 promotes the eleventh series of The Great British Bake Off with a tale of people's feverish quests for flour, which was in short supply during lockdown.

In the final scene – reminiscent of Hovis’ classic "Boy on the bike" ad from 1973 – a boy on a bicycle saves the day with a bag of flour, heralding the return of baking and the show. The campaign will also include social media and radio activity and a poster and print ad featuring a bespoke tea towel, illustrated by Barry Falls and showcasing memorable Bake Off scenes including Ruby’s collapsing vegan cake, a Hollywood handshake and the squirrel.

The film was created by Nick Lindo and Seb Thomas and directed by Dan Chase, while the poster and press ad was created by Scott Taylor and Andy Shrubsole. 


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