Channel 4 "The Steph Show: Staying indoors" by 4Creative

Steph McGovern stays indoors to promote her new show on Channel 4, The Steph Show.

Shot using only one cameraman and one producer, the ad shows a muted McGovern as she talks to the camera through her living room window. "Stay indoors and let's have a chat," the journo/presenter says before a voiceover adds, "The Steph Show, chatting for Britain. Don’t go anywhere."

Eoin McLaughlin, creative director, said: "We’d initially planned a two-day shoot complete with Steph on buses, boats, bicycles all over Leeds and the UK, but as we were all advised to avoid gatherings, groups and close proximity to each other we had to go back to the drawing board."

The show’s release date was also pulled forward in a bid to boost morale during the ongoing lockdown. It was created by Andy Shrubsole and Scott Taylor, and directed by Barry Dyer through 4Creative.


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