Channel 5 sets up restaurant powered by nuns

Channel 5 is opening a pop-up restaurant with food cooked by nuns to promote its new show about "selfie-obsessed women".

Channel 5 sets up restaurant powered by nuns

Nundos will focus on "food for the soul" where diners can enjoy a hearty bowl of chicken or lentil soup prepared by the Daughters of Divine Charity from Swaffham and Chesterfield convents.

There will be an amnesty collection bin for phones to encourage people not to Instagram their meals, following the restaurant’s rule: "thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s food".

Visitors will also be encouraged to take part in "life affirming exercises and soul-searching activities".

Bad Habits: Holy Orders shows five young women living in a working convent in East Anglia for four weeks under the guidance of the sisters.

The pop-up runs from 17 October for three days in Shoreditch.