CheethambellJWT's Senokot ad employs handbag metaphor

CheethambellJWT has created a television campaign for Senokot that shows how the brand can relieve the digestive system from the effect of constipation.

Entitled "waste", the ad uses the image of waste being tipped into a handbag as a metaphor for people's digestive system.

The voiceover states: "Ever thought what happens when you have got constipation? Imagine this bag is your stomach. It's full of waste food that's getting stale. Every time you add to it, you're adding food to it. It's going nowhere, but still you carry it around day after day."

The execution focuses on a woman tipping food into her bag at various meal times until she is in obvious discomfort. The endline reads: "Senokot. Helps restore your digestive system's inner health."

The ad, which will break on 7 June and run until the end of the year, was written by Ian White and art directed by Stewart Critch. The director was Ian Emes through Production International.

Media planning and buying is through OMD UK. The ad will run around primetime evening programmes.

The ad is aimed at men and women over 35, particularly those who do not treat their constipation.