Chelsea FC replaces brand ads in 'game for equality' match

Chelsea football club ran a "Game for Equality" football match this weekend at the Chelsea V Burney game, replacing sponsors' ads with the message "support Chelsea, support equality".

Chelsea: promoting equality stance amid fan racism storm
Chelsea: promoting equality stance amid fan racism storm

The match featured the messaging instead of sponsored content to promote the club's stance against discrimination and its CSR programme, Building Bridges.

The move came amid a racism storm, as Chelsea fans were accused of abusing a man on the metro in Paris on Wednesday. The club suffered a second reputation blow on Saturday as police investigated a seperate incident, where fans were accused of racist chanting.

However a spokesman for Chelsea FC said the "Game for Equality" had already been planned ahead of the incidents and said sponsors were supportive of the move.

The club's Building Bridges programme kicked off in 2010. Its charity Chelsea Foundation also focuses on anti-discrimination and aims to support education, crime reduction and employment. 

In response to fan racism allegations, the club recorded an anti-discrimination video, referencing the words of Nelson Mandela and claiming "sport has the power to change the world."