Chelsea FC selects SmartFocus to improve supporter marketing

LONDON - Chelsea Football Club has appointed SmartFocus to improve its supporter marketing by using the agency's CRM software.

The deal, which follows a similar agreement earlier this year between SmartFocus and Manchester United, will enable Chelsea FC to consolidate all its sources of data and build a "single customer view".

The football club will use SmartFocus software to help it conduct, track and analyse targeted and personalised marketing campaigns aimed at the its supporters, a move it hopes will increase the ROI of its campaigns.

Chelsea FC will use SmartFocus technology to develop a better understanding of its supporters so that it can target them with relevant and timely activity. The club will also be able to quickly access data to gain insight into supporter, market and product relationships.

SmartFocus will build the software into Chelsea FC's systems infrastructure and it will be managed by the former's managed services team.

Natalie Waddell, Chelsea FC's head of CRM, said: "As our business continues to grow globally it's important that we maintain close relationships with our fans.

"With the right tools we will be able to understand our consumers better, communicate and tailor our campaigns more effectively and develop the right products and services to ensure we continue to enjoy long-term, profitable relationships with our fans."

Chris Underhill, SmartFocus's chief executive, said: "Today's most successful football clubs are also major international brands, and what happens off the field is becoming increasingly important alongside the success on the field.

"By better understanding its supporters and tailoring communications accordingly, Chelsea FC will be able to have a much more intimate relationship with its fan base.

"It will be able to build on this knowledge to provide new products and services, and to successfully market them."

SmartFocus has more than 400 customers and partners across the globe, including ABN Amro, ASOS, Centerparcs, EMI, Figleaves, Harrods, Hilton International, NSPCC and QVC.