Childline "Nobody is normal" by The Gate

NSPCC children-support service Childline shows that everyone is different, and therefore no-one is "normal".

The campaign comes after the charity found that cases of children struggling with body image, sexuality, gender identity and mental health soared during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

In the stop-motion animated film, created by The Gate, a creature dresses up as a schoolboy but struggles to make friends because he is constantly worried about his real body showing through the uniform. When it becomes clear that a fellow student is suffering from the same problem, in a sign of solidarity the protagonist strips off his façade to show his true self. Much to his surprise, everyone else follows suit, revealing themselves to be a variety of colourful and quirky figures underneath their "normal" clothes.

The endline is: "No matter how you feel inside, you’re not alone."

The work was created by John Osborne, Rickie Marsden and Sam Whatley, and directed by Catherine Prowse through Rowdy and Blink. 


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