Chippendale hands job as deputy sales director to Hawking

Mark Chippendale has promoted Richard Hawking to be his deputy sales director at Sky Media, the advertising sales division of BSkyB, as the organisation continues to realign its structure.

Hawking's appointment comes as Sky Media seeks to strengthen the importance of advertising sales within the BSkyB organisation and promote the benefits of digital TV to agencies and advertisers.

Chippendale is also creating the new position of head of strategic planning, as yet unfilled, to work alongside the agency sales team. The new role will involve promoting how Sky can provide an integrated sell to advertisers.

Chippendale, who was an early evangelist for interactive advertising, is keen for the digital television arena to set common standards, so that the medium becomes more accessible to advertisers.

Hawking has been at Sky since 1995. He joined as the London sales manager and most recently held the position of head of agency sales. Hawking is a well-known figure on the TV sales circuit, having previously worked at a number of ITV companies including Granada, Central and Yorkshire-Tyne Tees.

Chippendale became Sky's sales director in January this year following the departure of Peter Shea.

Shea had worked for Sky for 12 years and his departure was linked to the arrival of Dawn Airey at BSkyB. Airey, who joined from five, took the position of managing director of Sky Networks.