CHI's e-mail mpegs promote Carphone Warehouse's game

Clemmow Hornby Inge has turned to the internet for the launch of

its latest campaign for Carphone Warehouse, the agency's founding


The viral campaign involves a series of three mpeg films, which support

a Carphone Warehouse promotion built around Snake II, the computer game

offered as an extra on most mobile phones. Customers who register at

Carphone Warehouse stores will attempt to win a trip to Australia by

posting the best score for the game.

The deliberately grainy ads, shot with a hand-held video camera, show

mobile users' thumbs gearing up for the challenge ahead. One spot shows

a thumb marching around an army boot camp. Another focuses on an

oriental thumb, in kung fu attire, which bows, circles, chants and

headbutts its way through a plank. The final execution shows two thumbs

engaged in a hard-fought tug of war.

Each ad ends with a shot of a thumb, wearing a corked hat, on holiday in


"We wanted to generate some interest around our Snake II competition and

gave CHI an open brief," the head of communications at Carphone

Warehouse, Tristia Clarke, said.

The ads were written by Laurie Smith and art directed by Matt Pam. Media

was handled by CHI.