Chocolate charmer stars in latest Cadbury Dairy Milk ad - watch it here

LONDON - Cadbury's latest TV spot, airing tonight, will follow drumming gorillas and eyebrow-dancing children with the chocolate charmer, a man who possesses a magical approach to making milk chocolate.

The 60-second TV spot takes viewers into the "magical" world of Cadbury Dairy Milk production where the chocolate charmer creates bars of milk chocolate.

As the ad unfolds, the Charmer "conducts" towers of chocolate milk out of spinning glass bowls, orchestrated by levers and pulleys and his "magical powers" with chocolate.

The TV spot was created by Fallon and marks the next phase in Cadbury's Glass and a Half Full ads, which previously created 'Gorilla', 'Airport Trucks', and 'Eyebrows'.

The ad was directed by Henrik Hallgreen, the illustrator-turned director who has previously worked with clients including Ikea.

The TV ad will air across ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 during 'Emmerdale', 'Comedy Roasts' and 'Home & Away'.

Earlier this year the Birmingham-based chocolate maker was acquired by Kraft, the US food giant, in a hostile takeover.