Choose Love pop-up returns for third year

Activation challenges overconsumption by encouraging shoppers to give on Black Friday.

Creative collective Glimpse’s Choose Love store, which raises money for refugees around the world in the run-up to Christmas, is back with its largest space yet.

Since its launch in London in 2017, the pop-up has raised £2.5m and will also open in New York for a second year and in Los Angeles for the first time.

Co-founder Zac Schwarz has credited this success to creating an engaging way to give to charity. He said: "Putting the concept of Choose Love in a retail space means consumers can engage with the products and, in doing so, engage with people all over the world and understand their stories and some of the challenges and issues they’re facing."

Schwarz found that people want to be generous and are engaged with the issues, but need a space where that is facilitated.

Visitors to the pop-up can purchase a range of products that are then donated to those in need. The store is divided into three areas: arrival, shelter and future. Each area has a selection of much-needed items for different stages of a refugee’s journey.

This, creative producer Ruth Newton said, allows a greater emotional connection with the process of donating to charity. She added: "We really want to encourage people to pick up the items and feel them. It’s a shop for people to really understand what it’s like to receive these items. The point is to touch it and learn about it and encourage a connection and empathy."

The Choose Love store is open in London until 24 December.