Churches fund 1,500 outdoor executions to run across the UK

LONDON - Britain’s churches are renewing their attempts to reverse declining attendance with new advertising designed to win over people put off by Bible-pushing evangelists.

A poster campaign breaking across the UK in September will offer people

the chance to learn more about Christianity in a non-threatening


A 48-sheet poster drive will promote the Alpha course, endorsed by

leaders of the main denominations and running in 7,000 UK churches.

The courses are intended to be informal and are based on the idea of

supper parties at which people express their ideas about


The posters, running on 1,500 Maiden Outdoor sites, were created by the

Button Design Company and feature the face of Greta Greenwood, 25, who

helps lead Alpha courses at Holy Trinity Brompton, the London church

that pioneered the idea in the early 90s.

The 7,000 churches participating in the courses help keep the

advertising self-financing. Maiden provides the ad space at preferential