CIA borrows logo from Ghostbusters to fight terrorism

LONDON - A CIA 'Terrorist Busters' logo has been outed for its similarity to one used by the 1984 comedy film 'Ghostbusters', starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

The US intelligence agency's logo uses the international red sign for forbidden as used in the 'Ghostbusters' logo but instead of a ghost there is a terrorist, dressed in black and holding up an AK47. Above the sign are the words "Terrorist Busters".

The logo has been in use by the CIA's counter-terrorism office in Langley, Virginia, for six years but only recently came to wider consciousness with much scorn from bloggers on the internet.

Some questioned why the terrorist is black while the ghost is white. Some wondered why taxpayers' money had been spent on designing the logo and others simply thought it must be a joke.

The intelligence agency said that the logo was not intended to offend anyone and was designed to reflect "the determination and spirit of those who were working tirelessly to overcome what we still know today to be a truly dangerous threat".

It also said that the symbol was not designed to represent any specific terrorist group or individual.

Clearly not just a joke, check out the CIA's website.