CIA to repitch for £19m Wrigley media activity

Wrigley, the chewing gum manufacturer, is reviewing its £19m

media planning and buying account.

It is believed that incumbent CIA will repitch for the work, but the

destination of the account may be affected by the merger currently being

thrashed out between CIA and Tempus-owned The Media Edge.

Following the announcement of the merger, speculation has mounted about

a potential conflict between CIA's work for Wrigley and The Media Edge's

activity for Colgate Palmolive, which is currently developing a dental

health gum.

Wrigley recently revealed it is teaming up with FMCG giant Procter &

Gamble to launch its own range of dental gum.

Both CIA and Wrigley denied that the merger was the reason for the


Wrigley dominates the UK chewing gum market, holding a 98 per cent