Cigna calls review for DRTV ad drive

LONDON - Cigna, the US health insurer, is reviewing its media planning and buying in Europe.

Cigna…has three core businesses in Europe
Cigna…has three core businesses in Europe

Selected agencies have been sent a brief requesting a media strategy for a test DRTV ad. The campaign is expected to launch in August in one lead market. If successful, it will be extended across Europe.

The company wants to use a celebrity to endorse the life-insurance product and has invited agencies to submit their suggestions on this.

Cigna operates in 12 European markets, including the UK, Spain, Germany Italy, Sweden and Portugal. The insurer states in the brief that it is seeking growth in these countries and is building a "direct-to-consumer" capability.

The review process is led by Hywel Jones, Cigna's marketing director for Europe. An initial response and presentation is required by 21 May.

Cigna has three core businesses in Europe, consisting of Cigna Healthcare, Cigna Life Accident and Health, the focus of the brief, and Cigna Expatriate.