Circus unveils latest flood campaign ads

Circus has unveiled new work for the annual Flood Awareness

campaign for the Environment Agency, aimed at the five million people in

England and Wales who are at direct risk from flooding.

Despite the devastation caused by the floods last autumn, Circus claims

that research has revealed that many people remain complacent about the

risk of flooding. "This year's campaign aims to jolt people into action

and provide practical advice about how to prepare," the Circus partner,

Katherine Atkin, said.

"We want to build on previous campaigns by targeting those who think

flooding will never happen to them," Liz Cook, the marketing

communications manager at the Environment Agency's National Flood

Warning Centre, said.

The campaign will break on 17 September, coinciding with the start of

the flood season. It uses the strapline: "Flooding. You can't prevent

it. You can prepare for it."

A 30-second TV commercial shows individuals relaxing in their homes,

ignoring news coverage of the severe flooding in 1998, 1999 and 2000

while snoozing or chatting on the phone. The ad is intended to shake

people out of their apathy and prompt them to protect themselves, their

family and possessions.

Full-page ads in national papers will tackle complacency about flooding

with headlines such as "To sleep easier at night, fill your pillowcase

with sand" and "Which is worse? Wading through three feet of flood water

or wading through all this?"

"The type-only ads were placed in flood water and then shot to give the

effect of flood damage," the creative partner, Tim Ashton, explained.