Cisco brings in GPJ for Rio 2016 brand house

Agency George P Johnson (GPJ) has transformed a beachfront community centre in Brazil into a immersive brand experience for technology company Cisco.

Casa Cisco
Casa Cisco

Situated on Rio de Janeiro beach, Casa Cisco opened from 4-21 August for the Olympic Games and will reopen from 7-18 September for the Paralympic Games, serving as the primary hospitality venue for Cisco customers and partners.

The invitation-only brand house incorporates the 'Cisco Boteco' restaurant and lounge area serving traditional Brazilian food and drink, the 'Transformation Bar' featuring three interactive exhibits including a virtual reality experience demonstrating how Cisco has played a critical role in the rebirth of Rio, and a outdoor terrace and balcony overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain.

The walls have been covered in original geometric murals created specifically for the house by famous Brazilian street artist, Ficore, while a 'Cisco in Brazil' timeline occupies one wall of the upper floor and continues onto the floor, showing Cisco’s involvement in Brazil, the Olympic Games and the digitization of the world.

Guests can also have their picture taken holding an official Rio 2016 Olympic torch carried during the famous relay leading up to the opening of the Games.

The renovated centre will be donated back to the community upon completion of the Games as part of Cisco’s Olympic legacy.

Cisco worked with GPJ to create a similar brand experience for the London 2012 Games. Watch Event's exclusive video from inside the London house here.

Read more about GPJ here.

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