Clooney hits back at Crowe's ad criticisms with jibe about his band

LONDON - George Clooney has countered Oscar-winner Russell Crowe's critical comments on the issue of appearing in advertisements by making fun of the Australian actor's band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

Clooney, who has promoted brands such as Martini and Fiat among others, was one of a number of stars Crowe attacked over their lucrative commercial endorsements.

Crowe also singled out Robert de Niro, who has advertised American Express, and Harrison Ford, who has appeared in Japanese cigarette ads in the past.

Clooney has now been quoted in the press, saying: "I'm glad he set us straight. Harrison, Bob and I were putting a band together called Grunting For 30 Feet, and that would also fall under the heading 'bad use of celebrity'. Thanks for the heads up."

Nicole Kidman, who appeared in an epic three-minute commercial for Chanel No 5 last year, is also reported to have been upset by his comments.

She was due to star with Crowe in an Australian film called 'Eucalyptus' but the film has been cancelled just days before shooting was to start because of problems with the script.

Clooney is famous for his long-running role as Dr Ross in 'ER', and latterly for a successful movie career including roles in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou', 'Three Kings' and 'Ocean's 11 and 12'. He also directed the film 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'.

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