Clooney takes revenge in Armando Testa ad for Martini

LONDON - George Clooney will take his revenge on three years of being barred from parties in the latest ad for Martini Sparkling Wines, for which he reportedly earned $3.2m.

The ad, created by Armando Testa, is the third in a series that the 'Ocean's 11' star has appeared in for Martini. The ads are only screened in Italy, on television and at the cinema.

In the first two campaigns, Clooney was turned away from a party because he didn't have any of the sparkling wine. However, in the third ad, he turns the tables.

Clooney is shown in his apartment, flirting with a woman. But upstairs a noisy party is going on, disrupting his efforts at seduction. Clooney decides to crash the party with a bottle of Martini, and is instantly admitted by the hostess.

He mixes with the guests, but starts to steal their glasses and the bottles of wine, until he has filled a trolley. He then leaves the party taking away all of the drink, with the line "No Martini, no party", which has been used in the previous ads. Smiling, he switches the music from KC & The Sunshine Band's 'I'm your boogie man' to a sedate classical tune and leaves.

The ad was written by Leonardo Manzini and art directed by Sergio Mascheroni, under Armando Testa's chief creative director Maurizio Sala. It was shot in Montreal and directed by Zack Snyder through Movie Magic.

Clooney impressed the crew on the set by offering a $500 cash prize in a post-shoot lottery -- before donating it back when his was the winning ticket.

Spumanti Martini is a sweet sparkling wine, popular in Italy -- where over 70% sold is bought by women.

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