Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Alan Rutherford, Digitas Global

Name: Alan Rutherford
Job: Chief executive, Digitas Global
Professional mission: To build Digitas as a leading global network
within the Publicis Groupe
Professional mantra: God knows

5.00am Wake up in my Shanghai hotel room. Check time. Curse jet lag. Switch on BlackBerry.

5.30am Watch my beloved West Ham on hotel TV. Curse again. This time a dodgy Man City equaliser after a brilliant Carlton Cole opener.

6.30am Call home to wish children good night. Children point out they are grown up and go to bed well after 10.00pm. Tease me about Man City equaliser.

6.45am China is waking up. People practising t'ai chi in park. Decide against joining them. It's a long way from my room on the 20th floor.

7.20am Breakfast. Tea and toast. No Korean fish delicacies today, thanks. Apparently, 200 Chinese chefs have been sent over to the UK to learn how to make a full English, ready for the Olympics.

7.45am Taxi to work. Out on the streets, pedestrians are using their mobiles to surf the internet, far more so than in Western countries.

8.20am Arrive at the agency. Review new IHG work. Very nice.

8.45am Meeting with my Delta client, Cindy, up from Hong Kong.

11.30am Group agency session - discuss further integration of digital with Publicis, Saatchis, Leo Burnett, Starcom, Zenith and MS&L.

1.00pm Lunch in the agency. Soup and a spring roll.

1.30pm Client meeting to discuss additional ways of tapping into the Olympic fever. Digital opens up a lot of opportunities.

3.00pm Rehearse new-business presentation.

4.50pm Touch base with the divine Catherine, my London PA.

5.00pm Meet up with my fellow European, Thibault, to discuss new eCRM campaign.

6.30pm Take a call from a PR lady at Digitas London asking if I'd write a 24 Hours With ... for Campaign.

6.40pm Review new Harley-Davidson campaign. Tasty. Make mental note to keep son Ben well away from it.

7.30pm Client dinner. Great excuse to visit world's best Japanese restaurant in Julu Lu in Shanghai.

10.30pm Back to hotel. Look out at the bustling streets. Everyone on their mobiles.

10.50pm Conference call with my colleagues in the US.

11.15pm Unwind with The Wall Street Journal, FT. Check news and footy results online.

11.30pm Charge BlackBerry. Bed. Dream of Carlton Cole (in nicest possible way).