Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Antoinette de Lisser, Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Name: Antoinette de Lisser
Job: Executive assistant to Trevor Beattie, Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Professional mission: Impossible is nothing
Personal mantra: Nothing is impossible

6.00am Alarm! Then realise today is no ordinary day.

6.08am Tune in to debate on Kiss - nothing interesting. Do floor exercises while plotting colour scheme to wear to work.

6.15am Shower while "getting down" to new Groove Armada track.

7.00am Taxi arrives to take me to the office for my extraordinary day: ITV is in today and Trevor (Beattie) is helping out on one of its factual entertainment reality shows - Wags Boutique.

7.45am Arrive. Camera equipment and lighting rigs are installed.

8.00am The first Wag arrives. Wags Boutique crew will be receiving a challenge from Trevor - create an ad for their boutique. The winner gets £20,000 worth of poster activity from Clear Channel. More Wags arrive. I'm surrounded by face powder, perfume and hairspray.

8.15am Trevor arrives, having survived the miasmic cosmetic fog.

9.00am Speak to Danielle at Glory about Cannes Awards entries.

11.45am Chat to Bil Bungay about today's shoots - conversation with Jane Oak; TV to get the details. I'll go down to a shoot with Bil. I'm hoping to start the IPA TV production course next year.

12.00pm Majority of the Wags leave. The office is a little shell-shocked.

12.20pm Have a chat with Amy about how rude some people can be on the phone, and the Comic Relief Picnic - I'm baking pineapple upside-down cake.

12.29pm More Bil, he's trying to track down Gareth Hatrick. If you're reading this Gareth, can you call Bil? He's mis-written your number.

12.31pm Wags crew film cutaway shots. I'm gonna be in the show - another feather to my bit-part TV CV.

12.50pm Chat with Trevor about the lack of black Wags - definitely an issue there. Must investigate ...

1.00pm Talk to Wags crew re filming.

1.30pm Catch up on e-mails.

3.30pm Get taxi to shoot.

5.00pm One life-story later ... Get on to set while crew do a lighting change. Chris Bretz and Dom Martin show stills from the night shoot.

6.40pm Jump back into taxi to return to civilisation.

8.15pm Visit friend, dinner and a film.

10.30pm Pineapple upside-down cake picnic panic.

12.30am Make two. Finish watching documentary Boys to Men in bed.