Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Ben Mooge, Work Club

Name: Ben Mooge
Job: Creative partner, Work Club
Professional mission: Write good
Personal mantra: It's a fine line between clever and stupid

6.59am I'm posting a new entry on my blog. Thank God people out there care what I'm thinking about.

7.00am Wake up. Terrible dream.

7.01am Instantly regret agreeing to write "24 Hours With ..." column. They never mention public writing on the phobias list.

8.25am Gruelling six-minute walk from home to Work Club.

8.31am Tea.

8.36am See if I can get something down on paper before the day starts getting all needy.

8.39am Don't most people have a lunch meeting in Geneva? Or Zurich?

8.41am Maybe if I could write in my comfort zone this would get easier.

8.42am Open on a figure, hunched over a MacBook in a temporarily quiet office. He seems pre-occupied, somehow distracted.

9.25am E-mail,, and a brilliant Downfall sketch about Cristiano Ronaldo on YouTube ( This digital thing is a piece of piss.

10.09am Reminded by Sandoz that idly looking at websites may not fully constitute "the digital thing".

10.11am He concedes that I am partially correct.

10.15am Tea.

10.30am-12.58pm We mash-up digital and traditional thinking.

12.59pm Never say mash-up again.

2.02pm Lunch. Geneva.

2.15pm How come there always seems to be cake in this office? Either Borough Market is dangerously close, or lots of people here have bi-weekly birthdays. Maybe they just like cake.

3.30pm Give in to all of Ellie and Greg's arguments. They are unusually persuasive.

4.00pm Tea.

4.30pm A 12-year-old child shows me some work. This is ridiculous. I shouldn't be feeling old. Wonder how Claydon must feel. He seems cheerful enough.

5.00pm Make sure I write something other than to-do lists.

7.00pm Where did that day go? Six meetings, 72 e-mails, eight phone calls and three ludicrous ideas. That's where.

11.30pm Seriously, 24 hours with someone who works in advertising was never going to sound exciting.

11.31pm They should get Jack Bauer to do this column.

11.35pm Dead President.

11.36pm Dead wife.

11.45pm Revenge.