Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Bill Brock, AnalogFolk

Name: Bill Brock
Job: Partner, AnalogFolk
Professional mission: To do great work and to enjoy doing it
Personal mantra: Try something new

7.00am Wake up. Girlfriend Karolina, already emerging from the bathroom, commences with my morning Polish lesson. Today's word: Wstawaj ("Get up!").

7.30am Leave for work. Regret swapping my ten-minute walk to DDB for 40 minutes on the Central Line to Exmouth Market.

8.30am Regular morning coffee with partners. Observe how Cafe Nero's service rocks Starbucks'.

8.40am Call with Urbian (South African web designers who built our site) to brief them on a new client project.

9.15am PR planning session with Ed. Pleased we are being defined by what our work will achieve, not what channels it will be delivered in. Plan the best way to maintain momentum.

9.30am Call from the two Matts who are off pitching in Amsterdam. It's only 10.30 local time and they have already spent EUR300 on trendy magazines. Wonder if it was a good idea to give the company card to a planner and a creative.

10.00am Pre-meeting with Leo and Ed, final prep ahead of credentials presentation. Leo adds a slide about helping clients collaborate with multiple internal stakeholders while I fight with the projector and coffee machine.

12.00pm Great meeting. Another marketing director desperate for a new approach to connecting with her customers. Her main challenge - implementing strategies that require product and retail buy-in. Well done Leo. It's good having an ex-client in the business.

12.30pm Lunch with Deirdre and the founder of an events agency looking to join our folk network.

2.30pm Back to the office to review P&L with Deirdre. Must get the company card back from the Matts.

4.00pm Realise that between running the shop's operations and producing client projects, it won't be long before Deirdre will need to hire more producers. Consider reviving the cloning experiment we started at Red Sky ...

4.05pm Realise it's probably not an option and decide to use "24 hours with ..." as a recruitment tool for finding more Super Producers.

7.00pm Gym, reflect on the day.

8.30pm Curry with Karolina, Matt D and his wife, Ruth.

10.00pm Realise Matt and I are talking shop too much.

11.45pm Arrive home. Dobranoc ...