Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Blake Chandlee, Yahoo!

Name: Blake Chandlee
Job: Media commercial director, Yahoo! UK
Professional mission: Deliver value
Personal mantra: Just do it. If you are not having fun, then do
something else

6.45am Hit snooze for the third time.

6.50am Realise I have to get out of bed, wake up my son, Spencer, make him a quick breakfast. We are late for his bus - again.

7.30am Spencer on bus. Off to the office, double cappuccino in hand.

8.15am Arrive at office. Quick chat with partner Stephen Haines to set up day. Jump into my e-mails.

9.00am Meeting marathon begins. PA Emma gives me "that look" as I ask how she let my calendar get to its current state. Trade marketing, research, category planning, sales production, legal and finance fill up the morning, with updates, strat planning and budgeting.

1.00pm Lunch at Hakkasan with one of my favourite agency partners, Phil Georgiadis. Debate planning theory of reach, frequency, coverage, the internet, search and finally skiing, football and the Nabs Big Bash.

3.00pm Try to catch up on e-mails from morning. Realise that's not going to happen when Emma looks up and gives me that "other look". PR needs me asap for input on upcoming piece on video platforms.

3.30pm Meeting with my direct reports to discuss major initiatives going on: our venture with Vodafone to launch mobile advertising, our recently launched behavioural targeting platform, and the upcoming video platform launch.

4.30pm Pop into internet education day we are holding for a big agency partner's traditional planners. Great dialogue about consumer behaviour and how to connect brands with these consumers in an effective and efficient manner.

5.15pm Arrive for my 5.00pm meeting with Miles Lewis, who runs our digital agency team, to get update on where we are from a trading perspective for the week.

6.00pm Emma sees me coming and lets me know that corp dev needs me immediately to review a potential acquisition target and to quantify the revenue impact if we were to better monetise their business. Call home to Pam and tell her to eat without me.

7.00pm Leave office, get home 30 minutes later, spend an hour with the family, put Spencer to bed and finally get to my e-mails.

11.30pm Hit last send button, brush teeth, give Pam a quick kiss and check e-mail one final time. Turn off the laptop and off to bed.