Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Brian Fraser, McCann Erickson London

Name: Brian Fraser
Job: Joint executive creative director, McCann Erickson London
Professional mission: Enjoy going to work
Personal mantra: Enjoy going home

11.45pm Watch 24 in a desperate ploy to stay awake. The first cuts of our new American Airlines films are being e-mailed over at 12.30am.

12.40am They arrive. Cross my fingers and press play. They're great.

1.00am Call Cameron, Elliot and Stephen in NY (on a shoot). Tell them they've done a great job.

1.15am Go to bed.

4.30am Wake up and wonder if we need a match dissolve at the end of the AA film.

7.00am Woken by Amber, my daughter. She needs help with her homework. I try, but I get stuck. She's ten. Realise I should stick to discussions about match dissolves.

8.00am Say goodbye to Carole and Amber. Carole is much better at homework than me.

8.30am Black coffee and tuna sandwich at my desk.

9.00am The other Amber in my life walks in: our wonderful new PA.

9.30am Look at the new Heinz Salad Cream poster proofs. Very happy.

10.00am Creative status with Chris Macdonald, Stephen Whyte, Nikki Crumpton and Simon Learman. All desperate to see the American Airlines films. Smiles all round.

11.00am Ed, our head of project management, tells us what's on the radar and coming our way.

12.00pm Try to catch up with e-mails.

12.30pm Review UPS work with head of digital content, Mark Fallows.

1.00pm Lunch with Simon and Nikki. Talk about there not being enough hours in the day.

2.30pm Review work on the Co-op.

3.00pm Chat with Brian and Jason, the creative directors on MasterCard.

3.30pm Look at the new American Airlines print with Gary Todd, our head of design.

4.15pm Coffee with a new creative team we want to hire.

5.15pm Ed walks in with a pile of ads. I sign my life away.

6.00pm Call boys in NY to talk about AA films and match dissolves.

7.00pm Mark discusses new digital project. The man who never sleeps.

7.30pm Finally do my e-mails.

8.00pm Amber asks for help with her homework again. Explain that her mum passed her 11 Plus, I didn't.

8.30pm See Amber before she goes to bed (daughter, not PA).

11.00pm Bed. Match dissolve to black.