Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Bruce Haines, Leo Burnett London

Name: Bruce Haines
Job: Group chief executive, Leo Burnett London
Professional mission: Be firm, be fair
Personal mantra: Be firm, be fair

5.45am Wake up. Usual "silent as possible ablutions and dress-in-the-dark" procedure. Get my orders for the day from Joanna. Years of practice means she can now do this without actually waking up.

6.15am Drive to the gym. Tell myself this exercise malarkey is doing me good. Secretly wish I could bear to grow old more disgracefully.

8.30am Greet Ms Hunter. Hear the news about her chums. I now live vicariously through her set, and pretend my social life is as packed and exciting as hers.

9.00am Meet David Wood, who briefs me on the latest McDonald's news.

9.30am Receive long text from Jim Thornton. It's the usual dump of ideas he's had during the night.

9.45am Paul Lawson drops by. He wants to discuss a long text he's received from Jim Thornton.

10.00am Mike Spicer joins us. Talk about how Burnett and Arc are going to increase levels of collaboration in 2007.

10.45am Steal a banana from Arc's "five-a-day" fruit supply.

11.00am Coffee.

11.05am Call Mike Hoban at Scottish Widows. Check how he feels about the team. He's positive.

11.15am Catch-up meeting on the Olympics new-business brief.

12.10pm Cab into London to meet Steve Easterbrook, the chief executive of McDonald's, for lunch. He's feeling chipper after a good Christmas trading period.

3.00pm Cab back. Ann tracks my progress on her screen while getting the lowdown on various characters around town from her network of informants.

4.00pm Act as "pitch doctor" for LSC brief.

4.45pm Crave chocolate. Raid the communal stash in finance.

5.00pm Meet with Gary Smith and Helen Doughty, group finance and HR respectively, to work on new structure and new office floorplan.

5.30pm Call Mark Tutssel in Chicago to talk through Olympics pitch.

6.00pm Notice Ann has her lippy on. This means it's either a trip to Tesco, or she's off "up west".

6.30pm Chat with boss in Chicago about global management structure.

6.45pm Drop by Jim's office to see some new work for Always.

7.30pm Just make curtain-up for Frost/Nixon play.

10.30pm Dinner at St Aubin with wife, daughter and son.

12.00am Go to bed.