Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Carrie Hindmarsh, M&C Saatchi

Name: Carrie Hindmarsh
Job: Joint managing director, M&C Saatchi
Professional mission: Listen
Personal mantra: Stay positive

7.00am Wake up to my BlackBerry alarm - I'm sure there's a generation of people being scarred by that sound. Doze off.

7.15am Wake up to Moray MacLennan's voice on Radio 4 doing his best to sound cheerful about the impending economic gloom. Think I prefer the sound of the alarm.

7.45am Set off on the walk to work along the canal and through Regent's Park.

7.55am Spot an elderly man with a limp ahead of me.

8.00am It's Richard Alford.

8.30am Arrive at work where the carnage reminds me that the office refurb is in full flow. Escape from the drilling to read our Reacting to Recession research report that identifies eight types of consumers based on their reaction to economic pressure. Having made no personal attempts to be frugal, I am (apparently) in denial about the impending recession and therefore an "ostrich".

9.00am Morning meetings begin.


- Interviewed a good candidate for the Department of Health's anti-obesity account.

- Saw the layout for the new creative floor - it's going to be fabulous and is a breath of fresh air (unlike the toilets ... see later).

- Took a peek at the new office I'll be moving into with Camilla "treater" Harrisson, Matt "scrimper" Willifer and Richard "cloth cutter" Alford.

- Got the go-ahead on a responsible drinking project from Scottish & Newcastle.


- New office is next to Moray "vulture" MacLennan - so it will be a bit like sitting next to the headmaster.

1.00pm Lunch with Graham Fink. Quo Vadis is packed. No sign of recession here.

2.30pm Meetings begin again.


- AAR meeting.

- Transport for London meeting.


- The toilets aren't working.

- The lifts aren't working.

- The internet's down.

- Moray puts a meeting in my diary - subject: economic downturn.

7.00pm Leave work to go and catch up with the girls. Drink irresponsibly and forget all about the economy.