Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Charlie Robertson, United Group

Name: Charlie Robertson
Job: Chief strategy officer, United Group
Professional mission: Be provocative, professional and passionate
Personal mantra: If it's fur ye, it'll no go by ye (if something is for
you, then it will not pass you by)

8.01pm Download Skype to cut phone costs. Panasonic phone not compatible. Delusory simplicity of worldwide connections abounds.

8.22pm Love it - Film 4 is free. Why so many promos? Got it first time.

10.40pm To bed, to dream.

6.15am Scott's Porage Oats. BP garage is only stockist around here. It's criminal.

6.30am Zoom to airport. Blast of Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

7.00am Snake through airport security. Life-ebbing experience.

7.10am No Daily Record in lounge. No Evening Times Wee Red Books at WH Smith. Brand crime is rife.

7.30am Seat 4F. How much do they hate doing that safety routine?

8.05am Laptop out, expenses, timesheets, check itinerary. How will Katie Halling at United blindside me today?

8.40am Beyond Hedonics, Research in Fragrances left behind on plane. No sad loss.

9.02am Heathrow Express. Who'd spend money travelling first class for 15 minutes?

9.17am Paddington station's familiar din. Noisy, uncomfortable black cab ride.

9.45am Good morning Sophie, my PA, a graduate of the school of unflappability. What are next week's plans? Feels forever away.

9.46am Pop into office of Laurence Mellman (United's chief operating officer) and genuflect.

9.47am A kicking. Halling highlights the wrongs of my new-business brands list. Decide to buy her a whip for Christmas.

12.45pm Interviewed by Headlight Vision on technology's effect on work/life balance.

2.00pm Katie loads me with more phone and e-mail tasks.

2.20pm Meet Laura Simon and Sarah Hardy, who manage WPP's Team Procter & Gamble.

3.45pm Too hot in the office, repair to Villandry.

5.30pm MT Rainey's Horse's Mouth office, Golden Square. APG strategy masterclass in Sydney needs a title and schedule. Are strong-willed women running my life?

6.30pm Arrive at workable outline with positive endorsement from a government recycling consultant.

7.45pm Drinks at Century Club

8.00pm Black cab, London traffic, check BlackBerry, send fun texts.