Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Daren Rubins, PHD UK

Name: Daren Rubins
Job: Managing director, PHD UK
Professional mission: To ensure that PHD continues to pioneer
Personal mantra: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

6.40am QPR score a second goal in the dying minutes to beat Chelsea at Wembley in the FA Cup final.

6.45am Alarm shrieks and my recurring dream evaporates.

7.45am Kiss wife, Nicky, and the kids goodbye. Kids look at me quizzically, wondering if they've met me before.

7.50am Buy The Guardian for my Tube journey, but only get to read three things before half of Camden squeeze into my carriage and I can't breathe, let alone read.

8.20am Tuck into a tall caramel macchiato and a pain au chocolat, while reading e-mails.

8.30am First meeting of the day. Kate, our HR director, and I are still reflecting on the aftermath of our Christmas party at Butlins. And it's a client. What were we thinking?

9.00am Receive aggravating e-mail from Mark Holden in Australia. Of course it's sunny and idyllic there.

9.30am Go through diary with Cheryl, my PA. My week is neither sunny, nor idyllic. At least I have some hair left (compared with Mark, anyway).

10.00am Have one-to-ones with two new starters. I'm energised by their confidence and enthusiasm and try to remember if I was like this 20 years ago. And whether Ray Kelly would have appreciated it.

11.00am Business update with Jonathan Fowles, our executive planning director. Calm, intelligent and focused - he can't be any of those watching Charlton Athletic.

12.15pm Meet Elyas Chowdhury, the marketing director of Expedia. Discuss its business performance and eat too much raw fish.

2.15pm Jump in a taxi to Harrods.

3.00pm Meet Mr Al-Fayed and his board. The most terrified I've been in years, but he rewards me with a vintage bottle of whisky. Pondering what I might get next time ...

5.15pm Back at the office, ready for our monthly company meeting. Two-hundred people look at me quizzically, wondering if they've met me before.

7.00pm Call Nicky and try to negotiate a late pass. Forget she's an ex-TV buyer at Carat and get nowhere.

7.45pm Leave work and reacquaint myself with rest of today's Guardian.

10.00pm Clear up dinner, pour a glass of red wine and settle down at the computer to start my homework, occasionally glancing up at Sky Sports News.

12.30am Shut my eyes and wait for Wembley's arch to appear ...