Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Dave King, Telegraph Media Group

Name: Dave King
Job: Executive director, Telegraph Media Group
Professional mission: It's your culture that delivers your strategy that
delivers the vision
Personal mantra: There is no argument equal to a happy smile

8.00am Wake up leisurely.

8.15am Full-English breakfast with my copy of The Daily Telegraph.

8.40am Walk to the station.

8.50am Get seat on the train (fat bloke with halitosis who does the crossword in 12 minutes not sitting next to me today). Continue to read Telegraph - so much value in a broadsheet.

9.10am Train arrives dead on time.

9.15am Taxi to Buckingham Palace Road. Always enjoy the energy that emanates from our "hub and spoke" structure.

9.40am Check e-mails - little needs attention. That makes a change! There's a message from Steve Platt (Carat) to call him.

11.00am Meet with directors - no issues, unusually no people issues.

11.30am Check numbers - up across the board. Papers matching digital increase.

11.45am Speak with Platt, who agrees to all my suggestions. Strange ...

12.30pm Simon Tucker (finance director) insists on buying me dinner next Thursday, and I am to select the venue. Strange ...

1.00pm Lunch at The Ritz. Client says his spend should double with TMG, as will the sector this year.

3.00pm Walk back to the office: blue skies, gentle warm breeze. Phone rings - have to see Murdoch MacLennan when I return.

3.20pm My wife calls and leaves a message to call her back.

3.30pm Get back to my wife. She says the mortgage company has been in touch to advise of a computer error and it will be significantly reduced going forward.

3.40pm Murdoch calls me to his office and says a three-week holiday is just what I need. "Don't even bother to take your BlackBerry," he says.

7.30pm Leave on time.

7.40pm Train arrives early.

7.45pm Slip into the Crosskeys for a well-earned pint of real ale.

8.00pm Arrive home. Beer waiting. Children all ready for story and bed.

8.30pm Dinner - full roast. Unusual for a Thursday.

9.00pm Watch cricket. England beat Australia by seven wickets with five overs to spare. Fall asleep.

12.40am Wake up. Move from sofa to bed without disturbing anyone.

5.30am Bang! My son Alfie jumps on my head. My real day starts.