Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... David Sable, Chairman EMEA, Wunderman

Name: David Sable Job: Chairman EMEA, Wunderman Professional mission: To help develop the full potential of Wunderman's EMEA network - through its people, resources and clients - and to have fun doing it Personal mantra: Just do it!

5.00am London, Paris, Prague, Moscow, Madrid ... moment of confusion - I know it's not NY, Debbie isn't in the bed. You know the old joke, if it's Tuesday, it's Belgium.

5.30am Coffee on, Bran Flakes poured, morning prayers done, answering final round of New York e-mails from overnight and watching CNN - that announcer pisses me off ...

6.00am Gym, bike in the park or make like I'm exercising ... even in the hotel room.

7.00am Get dressed - suit or "smart casual"? Had trouble with that one - to Americans my age, casual means clean jeans ... my daughters call me an ageing hippy.

8.00am On way to office for breakfast meeting - in NY would be at 7am. Great perk - Jaguar and John. Love seeing him in the morning; my tutor on real life in the UK.

9.00am London definitely gets started later than NY - bad for coffee intake, good for reading the FT and IHT. Damn, I miss The New York Times ...

10.00am Round-robin of calls/check-ins around the region: listen, solve, commiserate, push, cajole, cheerlead, help, share and, of course, raise requests.

11.00am Creative review on regional client - 17 languages, web-based with print extension. Pretty cool. Who proofreads?

12.00pm Call Debbie in NY. Being in London, having my wife commute can get lonely. I look forward to this wake-up call.

1.00pm Lunch with client and account folks. Where? A gastro pub? Sounds like something you take Tums for ... London needs a New York-style diner! Rest of the afternoon More meetings; financials (this is WPP), see new technology company and go to client or airport - scary when the passport cops know you ...

7.00pm Dinner with someone (or make my own). Hate noisy, loud restaurants, love going home in London cabs; possibly the finest transport mode in the world. Rest of the evening Catch up, take calls, read Harry Potter and wonder why I have 999 TV channels and nothing to watch.

1.00am Don't they know in NY that it's 1am! Last call to Debbie and the girls ... perchance to sleep ...