Close-Up: 24 hours with ... David Watson, Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel

Name: David Watson
Job: Chief executive, Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel
Professional mission: Make ideas happen
Personal mantra: Take your chances

7.30am Power breakfast: me and the electrician - the cooker is on the blink. He's an Australian who I know, so I leave him to it - he's not going to steal anything. Walk 15 minutes to the office.

8.00am Check e-mails. Look at what I didn't do yesterday, then get as much written work done before the day gets going.

9.30am Weekly management meeting. We are well known for our female bias, so it's one male colleague, six beautiful, powerful women and me. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

11.00am Half an hour's MBWA (managing by wandering about - David Ogilvy used to, so it's OK by me), including a trip to the creative department to sneak a look at Land Rover work before the official WIP.

11.30am Meeting with our Orange client. Exciting times at Orange now with Orange Broadband; but big changes always mean slightly scary times for agencies.

1.00pm Lunch with Campaign's Claire Billings (nothing to do with this). She doesn't have any booze and tells me she runs every day (she's going to give journalism a bad name), so we have San Pellegrino (tasty!). Doing my best to look after shareholders' money.

3.00pm Officially looking at creative work for Land Rover (as opposed to secretly) and some new work for Orange Business Services.

4.00pm Meeting with Fiona Scott and Jackie Stevenson (managing director and deputy managing director). The numbers look a bit daunting at the moment, but the summer's looking busy. They are the best suits I've worked with and pretty much power and steer the ship now. I just help keep us on course every now and then.

5.00pm Sneak out for a quick swim (my only exercise). I try to get one in most days.

6.00pm More creative work to see and a bit more MBWA. It's thinning out now, but still enough people around to reassure me we are busy.

7.30pm Dinner with an ex-client who is now a mate. He's agency-side now, so no business to be gained; I suppose I had better pay myself. I do like looking after the shareholders' money.

11.00pm Match of the Day. Can't wait until August when the season starts. West Brom versus Southend United (nice).