Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Ed Morris, Lowe London

Name: Ed Morris
Job: Executive creative director, Lowe London
Professional mission: Care, make it mean something
Personal mantra: Carry the spirit of youth into the wisdom of age

6.45am I don't even get to the end of a dream about having sex with my wife thanks to the rampaging son, daughter, cat, cleaner wake-up call.

7.15am Pitch on, so I select smartest T-shirt and jeans from large selection of T-shirts and jeans.

7.30am Jump in cab.

7.45am Work. Get tea, say to myself: "Ed, you are not going to get wound up today, stay positive, do your best, but remain emotionally detached, it's only a job."

8.30am Still the only one in the department. I'm furious, devastated, how could they? etc.

8.35am PA Ming (the Merciless) Brookes arrives. Cleverly tempers early stress with croissant.

8.40am Peruse notes from yesterday, consider managing the present from the future. This brings on acute nausea.

9.00am Delete loads of e-mails without reading them.

9.30am Memorise outline for pitch.

9.45am Forget it all.

10.00am Rebecca Morgan (planning director) asks if I've read her e-mail. I say: "Yes." She asks what I thought of it. I say: "Sorry, no, I didn't read it. I deleted it by accident." Feel stupid.

11.00am Pitch. Test new Bill Hicks-meets-Bill Gates shtick on them. It goes down well.

1.00pm Sandwich at desk. Call wife. She's hand-lettering the boards for Kensington Place. She can't speak to me; she'll get back to me.

3.00pm Send Ming out for Magnum, Creme Egg and Ripple.

3.30pm Get out of management meeting by saying I've got to review work with teams. Walk round streets thinking.

4.00pm Get out of strategic catch-up by saying I'm still in management meeting.

5.00pm Catch up with Steve Gatfield. No getting out of this one. He talks to me about homogenising spin-dried global infrared structures, or something like that. Attempt intelligent nodding.

6.00pm Review some of Simon Morris' art direction in complete reverence. More intelligent nodding.

7.00pm Leave before the rest of the creative department. Feel bad. How could I? etc.

7.15pm Arrive home, take kids to bed. Fall asleep telling them a story.

7.30pm Elaborate dream trying to kill devil with rubber knife.

9.45pm Wake up as wife goes to bed.