Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Enyi Nwosu, CHI & Partners

Name: Enyi Nwosu
Job: Partner, CHI & Partners
Professional mission: Make big ideas happen
Personal mantra: Enjoy. Life's too short

6.15am Woken up by my eldest, Max, shouting at the top of his voice: "It's not fair, Daddy." Look at the time - I agree.

6.20am Get Max out of his room and bring him into bed. My baby, Olivia, is also awake and now in bed. Realise the bed is too small for four as I drift back to sleep.

7.00am Rudely awakened by a Power Ranger smacking me in the face. No need for alarm clocks any more.

8.00am Read The Guardian, e-mails and the last 50 "24 Hours With ..." that Zoe kindly printed for me. Not necessarily in that order.

8.45am Grab a coffee from Cafe Nero on Charlotte Street. Bump into everyone I've ever worked with.

9.00am Catch up with the CHI comms planning team. Lots to do.

10.00am Meeting with the Carphone Warehouse team. Like all great retailers, we need to come up with ideas that go live tomorrow. As well as plan for Christmas. Which is definitely getting earlier every year.

11.00am Catch up with Goldie and Rebecca to come up with big ideas for an exciting new project.

12.00pm Johnny, Thiago and I meet with a really interesting new content business that wants to work with us. The discussion reminds me why I enjoy what I do.

1.00pm Lunch with Tim to remind ourselves of who agreed to lead what. Decide the sensible thing is to have a glass of something cold.

2.30pm Team catch-up on a new-business pitch. Nigel has written an amazing manifesto. Not a dry eye in the house.

3.00pm Meet with Carphone Warehouse clients. Take them through the ideas.

4.15pm Get a call from Max to tell me he can't find his Power Ranger. I tell him I think it's lost forever.

4.30pm Have coffee with people I'm still getting to know at CHI, having only started in late July.

5.00pm Finally get around to writing stuff and responding to e-mails.

6.00pm Catch up with Cath from the brand new CHI New York office.

7ish Charlotte Street deserted. It's Matt Shepherd-Smith's 40th birthday party tonight. Hang around a bit to send more e-mails but remember my personal mantra. Go and have a good time.

Stupid o'clock Tanya's delighted to see me. Dive into bed and land on the bloody Power Ranger. Don't bother to set the alarm.