Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Flo Heiss, Creative partner, Dare

Name: Flo Heiss
Job: Creative partner, Dare
Professional mission: Be good
Personal mantra: Be nice

6.03am Benjamin stirs. He doesn't sleep that well since I painted a massive giant squid next to his cot (

7.25am It's raining. I put on my wellies and plastic trousers and jump on my scooter.

7.36am The engine cuts out and I have to walk the last stretch. Soaked and fuming, I arrive at the station only to see my train pull out.

8.53am King's Cross. Listening to Helmet helps me to dodge the never-ending roadworks on the cycle track to work.

9.10am Jo, my PA, gives me the lowdown on the day. My diary is a horrible multi-headed chameleon.

9.12am Quick glance across my Netvibes. People have been busy. Update my blog with squid-related news (

9.17am Tim has made me a nice cup of coffee - "Get that down ya!"

9.20am New comment on our "coins" viral ( "OFMG trop trop bon!"

9.21am Tour the creative department, which is split over three floors.

11.51am Look at some lovely ideas for Zanussi.

12.10pm In our function as the soft furnishings committee for our new shiny office, Claire and I walk through the building to work out what goes where. Furniture is all we ever talk about in board meetings.

1.00pm Twelve new starters. My induction presentation contains a picture of George Dubya, a bottle-opener and an Iron Maiden album cover. Welcome to Dare.

1.45pm Decide to torture the second floor with the latest offering from Slayer.

1.46pm Get my felt tips out and work on the new AA car buyers' guide.

3.30pm New ideas with James for a Vodafone mobile internet campaign.

5.23pm Have a quick chat with one of our "Dareschoolers". "I had no idea what it would be like. I love it."

5.45pm Kate Skypes me. I give Ben a virtual goodnight kiss (

5.53pm Quick review of our new Sony Ericsson site.

6.16pm Check proofs from the printers for new process materials.

7.36pm Leave work behind. Love the ride back on my scooter. We live in an area without mobile reception. Bliss.

7.45pm Ben is asleep. Kate has painted over the giant squid.

8.38pm Cat wants to eat my dinner. I kick her out. Kate reports a frog was shagging one of the goldfish in our pond (

11.45pm Bed.