Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Fredrik Bond, Sonny London

Name: Fredrik Bond
Job: Director, Sonny London
Professional mission: Enjoy
Personal mantra: Life is good

5.45am Eyes open. Am I awake ... or asleep? Kiss my beautiful Swedish wife. Nice kiss.

6.30am On the way to the airport, a nice Iraqi taxi driver tells me I'm awake and that he's got three girls to feed. I tell him I've got three, too.

7.00am Sitting on a plane to somewhere. Holding up my hand, trying to avoid coffee from a Moroccan soccer player getting into my Mac. Decline coffee myself ... only got one free hand to type with. Thanks anyway.

8.05am Sleeping Moroccan football player leaning on my shoulder.

9.00am Nice Indian taxi driver tells me where I can get the best broadband deal in town.

9.58am Walk into Sonny London HQ.

10.00am My Danish producer Ran tells me I need to shape up. Thanks.

10.30am My partner Helen, from Wales, calls me and tells me that I need to shape up. I agree. Thanks.

11.00am Meet my visual effects wizard Jordi from Spain, who teaches me a few tricks.

12.25pm Bump into my Irish casting director, who tells me that I've put on weight. Postpone lunch.

1.55pm Quiet storyboard meeting with my jetlagged Kiwi director of photography, Ben. He falls asleep at around frame five. I don't realise until frame 12.

2.36pm A Polish waitress gives Ben a cup of coffee. We restart back on frame six.

3.50pm My American assistant David says I look nice. I buy him late lunch.

5.00pm Having a pre-, pre-, pre-, pre-, pre-production meeting with Wieden & Kennedy.

5.02pm Lea, my five-year-old, calls me and says she'll put poo in my food when I come home. I say thank you. I go back into pre-, pre-, pre-, pre-, pre-production meeting.

7.00pm The Finnish director Rane shows me his work. I cry a little.

8.20pm A Russian barista at Bar Italia serves me the Italian gold.

8.35pm Meet my drunk set designer Dominic from LA. He tells me he's starting to feel British. He breaks down and says he's homesick. I ask him if he knows where home is. I'm not sure myself. We both cry a little.

11.32pm While opening the door to my London flat, my neighbour Matt pops his head out and suggests that we all move to Shoreditch. I say I'll think about it.

11.56pm Phone wife. She tells me to shape up and thanks me for the nice kiss in the morning. The day was for real. I almost met the entire world. My eyes close. Life is good.