Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Gerry Moira, Euro RSCG London

Name: Gerry Moira Job: Director of creativity, Euro RSCG London Professional mission: Make something new every day Personal mantra: Be a better mother

4.17am Get up for a wee. Don't remember ordering the asparagus.

4.23am Struggle to regain that part in my recurring dream where Kristin Scott-Thomas and her band of insatiable haughty vixens strap me into a crude mechanical device the better to take their pleasure. I put up a hell of a fight, but resistance is futile as usual.

7.00am Some people are fully awake the moment they are no longer asleep. My seven-year-old son is one. I try to follow his devastating exposure of the plot inconsistencies in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as I prepare breakfast.

8.00am School run. I alternate between dropping off my 11-year-old daughter and taking my boy to Belsize Park. This is Cherokee country, but we manage the treacherous pass over Primrose Hill without incident or the need to engage four-wheel drive.

8.45am Euro RSCG. Outside my office sits a life-size Art Deco mannequin with a face of the palest alabaster framed by jet-black hair with a fringe of geometric rectitude.

9.00am I ask this exquisite creature if she has had time to find me a cappuccino. "'Av I fookin' 'ell as like. Am that boogered from dancin' t' t'Monkeys down t'mosh pit." Like her beloved Arctic Monkeys, Kirsty, my PA, is from Sheffield; her Yorkshire grit a counterweight to the spun-sugar sophistication of the Euro creative department.

10.00am Kirsty enters my office on all fours with my mail in her mouth. We both laugh at her witty pastiche of the film Secretary but it is a full three hours before I can emerge from behind my desk without embarrassment.

1.00pm Anything from Pret a Manger that doesn't contain crayfish. Which isn't very much these days.

3.00pm Creative workshop. I think so hard I give myself a nosebleed. This impresses the younger teams.

4.00pm Choose fabric swatches for Mark and Russell's new office. I'm thinking taupe and mauve with a hint of mint. They'll just love it!

7.00pm Band rehearsals in South London. Trying to get this new funk outfit ready for Simon Clemmow's 50th, to which you are all invited. Try to get down but I'm not really up to it. Fear I may have mislaid my mojo.

11.00pm Home. There can be no more affecting sight than that of your own children. Asleep.