Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Giles Crown

Name: Giles Crown

Job: Partner in the media, brands and technology team, Lewis Silkin


Professional mission: The client is king

Personal mantra: Do as you would be done by

5.45am "Daddy, Daddy," my three-year-old daughter shouts. Bring her into our bed and eke out 15 minutes' semi-sleep before I get up. 6.15am Quick BlackBerry to check e-mail before I leave, then bicycle to work from Ealing to Fleet Street. All calm until lunatic turns left across me without looking.

8.30am Arrive at Lewis Silkin and shower. Up in the lift shoeless, hoping not to meet any clients. Log on, get black coffee and water.

8.50am Head downstairs late for know-how meeting with the media, brands and technology team. Usual lively mix of legal conjecture and political debate.

10.00am Continue drafting letter started last night to car dealership, which is infringing my client's logo.

10.10am Call from in-house lawyer at a national newspaper, needing some terms and conditions for a promotion, today.

10.30am Meeting with new client. Decide not to wear a suit. Relief to see client in casuals.

11.30am Finish letter and check on progress of terms and conditions.

11.45am Call from client for whom I'm currently dealing with a comparative advertising dispute, asking for update on developments.

12.00pm Call from account exec at TBWA. New campaign ... is it legal? Need to know asap. Drop what I was doing. Call back and discuss.

1.00pm Partners lunch. Catch up with the latest intra-firm gossip over steak and ale pie.

2.00pm Catch up with our head of marketing over preparation for "Brand New World" seminar.

3.00pm Another new-client meeting, advising doctor on criticisms of her in draft internal investigatory report.

4.30pm Call from John Nolan, True North TV and fellow Branded Content Marketing Association committee member.

5.00pm Rush off to Westminster Citizens' Advice Bureau Management Committee meeting, which I chair.

7.00pm Head back home on the train, then dinner with wife.

8.30pm Check on e-mails and finish off an overdue article. Watch news and as much of Newsnight as I can before falling asleep.

0.45am Up to bed, read a chapter of How to be a Bad Birdwatcher and go to sleep.

5.44am "Daddy, Daddy ..."