Close-Up: 24 hours with ... A grad

Name: Jonathan Pearson
Job: Director, Park Village
Professional mission: No short cuts to anywhere worth going
Personal mantra: No short cuts to anywhere worth going

5.00am Wake up, still feeling a little tired. Got back from a little shoot in France yesterday.

5.10am Check flight arrivals for Heathrow. Have a friend from South Africa visiting this week.

5.15am Wake up girlfriend, shower, dress. We plot best route from South London to Heathrow.

6.00am Leave the house. Girlfriend asks why we're leaving at 5.00am to be there for 7.00? Huh?

6.01am Realise watch is still on French time. Damn.

6.02am Adjust watch.

6.03am Back to bed for an hour.

6.00am Leave the house again.

7.05am At arrivals. Friend comes through pretty quick. Haven't seen him in three years.

9.36am Stuck in traffic. An hour there, two-and-a-half on the way back. Use the time to have a chat with my DP Charlie.

10.47am Dump the bags. Go for breakfast. End up in Giraffe.

12.40pm Take my friend into town on the way to the office.

1.17pm Get to Park Village.

2.10pm Have a catch-up with Geoff, our managing director, on our job for Philips. Casting tomorrow. Speak to the casting director, Brendan. He tells me he's booked quite a few models as well as actresses. "Is that OK, Jonathan?" he asks. I guess it'll have to do.

3.04pm Grab lunch. Pret. Again. Have e-mailed them several times requesting the Christmas sandwich be made a permanent fixture on the menu, to no avail.

3.40pm Catch a cab to Paddington for a meeting at DDB.

4.00pm Meeting with Phil McCluney for the Philips job. Finally see the product in the flesh - a new hairdryer. Think about asking to take one to give to my girlfriend, but decide against it when someone talks about getting "clearance" for it to leave the building.

5.11pm Back to Park Village. Send a few e-mails and have another chat with my DP to update him on the latest developments.

6.33pm Meet another friend at Great Portland Street and head to Angel. We're off to a screening of a new film directed by Ben Affleck.

10.03pm Take a cab from Balham station home.

10.22pm Get home. Girlfriend has kindly left some dinner for me. Flick through the TV and have a chat on the sofa. Long day for us both.

12.04am Fast asleep.