Close Up: 24 hours with ... Graham Bednash

Name: Graham Bednash
Job: Managing partner, Michaelides & Bednash
Professional mission: Do it differently
Personal mantra: Make it fun

4.45am Wake up two hours too early. Consider a run, reading a novel, doing yoga. Fall back to sleep.

7.25am Oversleep. Bowl of porridge and mug of PG Tips. Sit with my youngest son and read the back of a cereal packet together.

8.10am Button up Belstaff. Start up Vespa. Light up Marlboro and stick in the headphones. Rufus Wainwright soothes me through the streets of Kentish Town.

9.00am To a client meeting in Hammersmith. Interesting brief with no time. Nearly get blown off the bike in a Westway cross-wind.

11.00am Back to the long table. George giving a detailed overview of the Iowa caucus results. No-one listening.

11.05am Brainstorm meeting to develop initial ideas for a pitch.

12.15pm Look at DVD of all the best Cannes work from last year for a speech they've asked me to write. Why are the most original ideas all from South America - we must hire some Argentinians.

12.45pm Fag break with Quinn on fire escape. Back to the table to enjoy my new addiction - Nicorette gum.

12.50pm George now reading out the latest stats from The New York Times on Obama's performance. Still no-one listening.

1.00pm New-business meeting with the bossy, but brilliant Grazia. Leave the meeting with 20 things to do.

1.30pm Meeting with a digital media brand about creating a big client partnership. Make a mental note to go and buy Search Engine Optimization for Dummies next time I'm in Borders.

3.00pm Lunch at Pret with the papers and DS Brain Age. Still 65 years old.

4.00pm Work through presentation with team for a client meeting. The argument's there, the ideas are fresh, but the charts look ordinary. Hours of art direction await.

6.00pm Interview with digital creative. Gladwell is right. You know in a blink.

7.30pm Plug in Herbie Hancock for the trip home. Family dinner. Share the day.

10.00pm Watch Mad Men on tape. Envy for a time that looks so, so easy. Check out new music on i-Tunes. Feel guilty about not spending any time on Facebook. Search the web for next big thing, but can't find it.

12:30am Wake in a heap on sofa.