Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Graham Bryce

Name: Graham Bryce

Job: Managing director, Xfm, Choice FM and Capital Gold

Professional mission: Make our brands famous

Personal mantra: Have fun - it's only work

6.55am Wake up to Christian O'Connell on the Xfm breakfast show in the middle of his feature "sex line rodeo" - get up with a smile, try to work out whether I'm slightly hungover or just knackered. 8.00am Leave the house, feeling a little more normal, having worked out what to wear (jeans or a suit). Yes, guys do think about this stuff!

8.30am Coffee, cereal and juice for breakfast at my desk while I work out agenda for the day, clear e-mail, etc - the calm before the storm.

9.30am One-to-one with my marketing director, going through the marketing plan for Choice FM.

10.15am Say hi to the team in the office, most of whom have just turned up: train delays, problems with the Tubes - too many late nights partying, more likely.

10.30am Begin to prepare a presentation for the board on the growth strategy - what did we do before PowerPoint?

11.00am Marketing meeting with Mother, to go through the creative ideas for our latest Xfm campaign.

12.00pm Brainstorm with management team on our proposals to revitalise Capital Gold.

1.00pm Monthly staff meeting with Xfm; it's pizza and cake for the team in the boardroom and a relaxed, interactive and fun look back at the successes of the past month and goals for the next.

2.00pm Clear e-mail and phone calls.

2.30pm Meeting with agent regards the renewal of a high-profile presenter - always interesting.

3.30pm Executive team briefing with our chief executive, David Mansfield, running through merger issues, group trading and City update and group projects.

4.30pm Meeting with Janet, our management accountant, to look at the financials. Everything on track.

5.00pm Committee meeting with Choice Action Advisory Group. Review a recent initiative where we took an artist and DJ into schools to proactively and positively discuss issues affecting youth.

6.15pm Clear rest of e-mails and return urgent phone calls.

7.00pm Head off to the Islington Academy to see Keane Live in Session for Xfm. Determined not to drink tonight. Handed a beer on arrival. Oh dear, it's going to be one of those nights ...

11.00pm Head off home, had one beer too many. Bed ... ahhh.