Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Jason Goodman, Albion

Name: Jason Goodman
Job: managing director, Albion
Professional mission: Do stuff
Personal mantra: Happily, faithfully, gallantly

3.00am Wake up in an excited sweat. "24 hours with" can be so much more than just a small column in Campaign. Hell, this could be a series of online documentaries, maybe even its own channel on Joost with a regular meeting of the faithful on Facebook ... Get out of bed immediately. These digital-type things can take a great deal of time to sort.

7.00am Have organised for a film crew to watch me take my children to nursery, then on to Richmond for an eBay meeting.

9.30am Have a late breakfast with Sir Martin, who is not so excited by the documentary cameras and refuses to sign the waiver so I can post the movie on the microsite

1.00pm Straight after lunch I run my usual ten miles, pop home to feed my youngest child, talk to our Sydney office on Skype, set my mood manager and check that everything is OK with the theme tune I have written for the movie version of this column. The script, provisionally titled 24, is being reviewed by the people at Miramax, although they seem to think it needs a more original title.

2.30pm Back at the office. Check my expanding Facebook page, and admire holiday snaps that have been posted on Flickr.

2.45pm Call an architect to see how the US office is progressing. Address an all-staff meeting announcing all our new account wins and the massive office expansion to the other side of the corridor. Finding the constant presence of the camera crew not in the least bit intrusive. Plough through various summits before a mid-afternoon smoothie. We like Innocent's childrens' range a lot. The packaging and website are almost as wonderful as the taste.

4.00pm Sign off a final cut of the documentary 24 hours with ... Jason on Joost. Annoyingly lengthy chat with the woman in charge at my children's nursery about irrelevant behavioural problems.

7.00pm Eat a small green salad and a quarter of an apple.

8.00pm Check my eBay account. Predictably, I am a winner, again.

10.00pm Go to bed feeling very pleased with myself. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be this good.