Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Jim Surguy

Name: Jim Surguy

Job: Managing director, Results Business Consulting

Professional mission: Help owner managers develop and realise their

shareholder value

Personal mantra: Carpe diem

6.30am Go for daily 30-minute run through Epping Forest, which is only 30 seconds from the house. Good for soul - hopefully also body. 7.15am Eat breakfast watching TV news, then commute into town. Never work on the train, only read. How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World, by Francis Wheen.

8.30am Meeting with Willott Kingston Smith in its new offices on some joint client activity.

9.30am Back to the office to crack first batch of e-mails and then off to 10am meeting with prospective client: design company which is becalmed. Can see problem and promise to write proposal.

11.30am Fifteen-minute catch-up with my PA, Belinda, on work priorities and diary planning. She is a star, couldn't do without her.

11.45am Battery of phone calls to clients. A mixture of discussing deals, fixing meetings and gaining feedback from preferred parties.

12.15pm Spend 45 minutes polishing a presentation on payment by results for an ad agency client meeting next afternoon.

1.00pm Internal practice meeting over lunch when everyone at Results gets together to discuss internal issues, work in progress, anything anyone wants to raise.

1.45pm Plough through more e-mails.

2:00pm Into taxi for first meeting with a potential buyer for a client in the ad industry. Use taxi time to make more calls.

4.00pm Back in office, more e-mails.

4.15pm Call US to discuss with our US partner AdMedia interest among US buyers for UK digital agencies.

4.30pm Spend an hour grittily ploughing through a third draft contract on a current deal. Easy to see how lawyers get rich but, to be fair, the detail is important.

5.30pm Discuss a tricky restructuring assignment one of my colleagues is handling. Agree that psychometrics will help expose the nature of the problem as well as the solution.

6.00pm Draft outline proposal for design company from this morning's meeting. Will polish up tomorrow morning.

6.30pm Take follow-up call from partner in the US on digital agencies.

Final clearout of e-mails and off to Hush for drink with daughter who wants to discuss changing her job. Happy end to day.