Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Jimmy Maymann, GoViral

Name: Jimmy Maymann
Job: Chief executive, GoViral
Professional mission: Focus, focus, focus
Personal mantra: Try harder

10.00pm Wake up. Which country am I in? Realise it's 6.00am and I'm back in London. Got to change the watch.

6.15am Stumble down the stairs. Go for a run in Hyde Park. Half asleep, but it sets the pace for the day.

7.30am Breakfast meeting at Soho Hotel with a potential managing director.

9.00am Arrive at our swanky new office in Camden just in time for a conference call with our partner in Russia. They want me to come over for a keynote speech. Not sure - it's freezing over there.

10.00am Meet the GoViral team to discuss ways that viral marketing is evolving as social media develops and the new distribution platforms we can offer our clients.

11.00am Sit down with my PA to confirm appointments with Alastair Aird at MEC, Matt James at OMD International and Nick Brien at Universal McCann.

11.30am Call with journalist from W&V in Germany about our plans and a new T-Mobile campaign.

12.00pm Meeting with potential online planner ... I think we'll hire him - we always need more people with an online media background.

1.00pm Lunch at Shoreditch House with potential new client.

2.30pm Conference call with Nissan Paris and OMD. Talk about the best distribution platforms for the new Qashqai Car Games campaign.

4.00pm Write the first chapter of the book on social media we're launching at Cannes.

5.30pm Powwow with my publishing team about MetaCafe and the ongoing test of our vertical channels - it looks great.

6.30pm Back to the Mac to answer e-mails ... there are definitely too many of them.

7.00pm Another hour, another call, another country. This time Bant Breen at IPG in NYC to discuss the social media panel we're doing at the Venice Festival.

8.00pm Meet an old friend for dinner at E&O in Notting Hill.

10.00pm Home in time for conference call with Cutwater in San Francisco. The new campaign they've got lined up is really exciting.

11.00pm Watch a taped episode of Californication ... the man, the myth, the legend.

12.01am Plane ticket. Check. Toothbrush. Check. 4.00am wake-up call. Check.