Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Kai-Lu Hsiung, RSA Films

Name: Kai-Lu Hsiung
Job: Managing director, RSA Films
Professional mission: Remember we are all very fortunate
Personal mantra: Stay healthy and happy

4.50am Wake up. It's much too early to get out of bed.

6.30am Turn BlackBerry on and check e-mails. Nice script in for Stuart Rideout to look at from an agency in Shanghai.

7.00am Get up and make tea, try to wake husband.

8.30am Give husband's work partner a jump-start.

9.30am Arrive at the office. Reply to all those US and Chinese e-mails.

10.00am Website designers meeting. The rebranding of RSA is finally coming together. The guys walk us through the way the new website is going to be controlled.

11.15am Pop over the road and get some very strong cappuccinos.

11.35am An agency producer calls, she has a lovely script for Adrian Moat. He will be shooting in Canada, so suggest some other directors and get the reels round.

11.45am I spend half-an-hour going through a budget with one of our producers - she is being made to jump through numerous hoops by an over-zealous cost controller.

12.15pm Try to call French production company we're doing a job with. They are, of course, all at lunch.

12.45pm The agency producer gets back to me and wants me to show the script to another director.

12.50pm Track the director down in France. He sets off to find a bar with a hot spot so I can e-mail him.

1.10pm Have lunch with a producer. She is expecting a baby. Great news, but a shame too. She will be hard to replace.

2.30pm Interview possible new PA, not sure if she is right for the job.

3.00pm Go downstairs to see new arrival Garfield Kempton in JOY@RSA. He is settling in nicely - two jobs confirmed always helps.

4.20pm Ridley calls for a catch-up. We talk about things ranging from the air-conditioning, organising a screening of American Gangster, and plans to celebrate the 40th birthday of RSA Films next year.

4.45pm Sales call with our US offices. Lose count of the number of times they say "awesome".

7.00pm Go with my assistant, James Lucas, and French director Christophe Navarre to Shoreditch House for a lovely dinner.

10.45pm Arrive home. Receive devastating news that dear friend and former RSA and Black Dog director Tim Royes has passed away. Make calls to pass on the dreadful news. Cannot sleep.