Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Kirsty Robinson, Marmalde and Marmalade World

Name: Kirsty Robinson Job: Managing director, Marmalade and Marmalade World Professional mission: There has to be a concrete reason, a genuine function for everything we make, whether it's the magazine, an exhibition, short film, whatever. Otherwise, what's the point? Personal mantra: Changes from week to week, so nothing too profound, but at least I'm not strangled by dogma. Currently, it's to take more holidays.

8.15am Arrive at Heathrow with mag co-founder Sacha Spencer Trace for press trip to Diesel and Mini's International Talent Support Awards in Trieste. Potentially good source of new blood for the mag.

9.00am Finalise the last few locations for Cutout, the public art project we've pulled together with Peter Saville and PlayStation. Kind of a cardboard Cow Parade, but six-foot electric guitars instead of beasts. The idea is Joe Public can help themselves to limited-edition artwork.

10.00am Post take-off, rare chance to talk, uninterrupted, with Sacha and catch up on progress of next issue of the mag. Crudely, I look after the words, she masterminds the visuals.

12.15pm Pit stop in Munich. Quick call to one of our agency clients on talent for a campaign we're consulting on, then the office to check that Rose, our ad sales brain, has all she needs for crunch meeting with one of Marmalade's big spenders.

1.00pm Back on a plane to Trieste. Prep interview questions for Diesel jury members Antonio Beradi and the Boudicca duo.

2.45pm Trieste. Climb aboard bus packed with familiar fashion faces and head along coast. Stare out window at sea and wish I were in it.

4.00pm Slip out of meet-and-greet with the awards team and contestants at our hotel for another Marmalade World call. Leave Sacha leafing through portfolios for the photographic award.

6.30pm Retreat to my room and am reminded by MTV how awful most European pop music is.

8.00pm Out and about. Bump into the genius writer and anthropologist Ted Polhemus and, over a few glasses of wine, plan his first piece for the mag. Crazy golf in Hastings. It's the best thing about running Marmalade; you run into amazingly talented people and decide to work together. Simple as that.